e10 split

resonance of cabin

e01 to e10 were recorded during the summer of 2017 in and around our cottage in Duhamel, Québec. Each recording captures a mindful listening moment that I experienced. My intention was to record these moments as authentically as possible.

Together, they create a suite of stories:

  • e01 rumble : the energy of transportation
  • e02 rasa : the cleansing of water
  • e03 bones : the sacredness of forest
  • e04 yoga: the elegance of frog
  • e05 ombre: the measurement of time
  • e06 seuil : the precipice of life
  • e07 lifeline : the lapping of wind
  • e08 canoe: the drawing of paddle
  • e09 propeller : the scraping of boat
  • e10 split : the resonance of cabin



Author: Claude Schryer

Claude Schryer is a composer and sound artist based in Ottawa, see http://www.electrocd.com/en/bio/schryer_cl/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/claude-schryer-92058911 and https://www.claudeschryer.ca/