I launched simplesoundscapes on December 3 2016 with a 10 minute narrated soundscape recordings. I produced 40 episodes until the summer of 2017 and then erased them.

On September 9, 2017, I relaunched simplesoundscapes with a shorter and more accessible format: 3-minute audio and video recordings. I removed any narration and description beyond a one-word title and a short poem. The still-image video and audio recordings were presented ‘as is’ (creative work takes place during the recording process) and were published, when they are ready. The role of the still image video was to enhance the listener’s appreciation and understanding of the context of the soundscape recording: an audio recording accompanied by moving images. Audio recordings were kept SoundCloud and the videos were kept in Vimeo, accompanied by a photo.

I created this 22 minute video to explain the making of simplesoundscapes in 2017:

On July 7, 2019 I stopped producing simplesoundscapes episode with e175 the final episode of simplesoundscapes. This is a 12-minute monologue explains why this 175th episode is the last episode of simplesoundscapes and what is next: a series exploring arts and sustainability :

Episode e175 (bis) epilogue explains this transition a bit more:

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Claude Schryer