e45 ouverture

everyday we pass through doors and notice the spaces in between

e44 xski

a cross-country skier glides over snow and listens to the trail

e43 mince

as i sit i hear a thin tick talk to me about time

e42 fidget

ah, let us pay attention for a minute or two to the spinning fidget : red, yellow and blue

e41 drain

there are persistent rumours about the sound that bath water makes while draining

e40 searching

a tea pot responds to a man searching for an object on xmas day

e39 deicing

the scraping of winter steps has a ring to it

e38 meter

while walking by a laundromat I hear this gas meter sing

e37 removal

noticing the ritual of snow removal from a car and moving forward

e36 waiting

we all sit waiting for a door to open