e128 hockey

Bells, horns and cries of joy when the home team scores a goal

e127 drive

Driving on a snowy road while looking up at trees and wires and feeling the rumble

e126 snowshoe

By a river, I climb a hill on snowshoes and notice

e125 introduction

Inspired by soundwalking, a narrative is added to the mindful listening exercise

e124 bol

A bowl receives snowflakes as I walk and feel the snow crumble

e123 steam

Sensing at once: ice chopping, cold air, cars passing, statue shadow, water vapours, highway drone

e122 moon

Crouching on moonlit ice, listening mindfully to rustling leaves, when someone asks: Are you OK?

e121 caroling

Distant carols, dancing wires and slushing ice on a cold winter night

e120 pacem

Rehearsing Dona Nobis Pacem (grant us peace) : the sound of context

e119 shaver

As I walk and shave, I notice the shifting light and acoustic resonance as floors creak and razors transform hair into dust (artwork in the video by Sabrina Mathews)