e84 measurement

step outside of the framework of regulated time

e83 ruisseau

little by little, I become a stream

e82 firewater

a cross fade between a recording of a fireplace and drops of water

e81 unwinding

a car is travelling down on a winding country road with a bicycle in the trunk

9 simplesoundscapes videos

a 27-minute video compilation of iteration 2 of simplesoundscapes featuring e74 sky, e20 rumeurs, e38 meter, e09 propelled, e57 ducks, e78 wind, e11 arrival, e77 drum and e01 rumble

simplesoundscapes afield (2018)

a 57-minute audio compilation for http://www.frameworkradio.net/ and 27-minute video compilation of iteration 2 of simplesoundscapes. Note: this is the last episode of this 2nd iteration. Episode e81 is the beginning of the 3rd iteration of simplesoundscapes : soundscape composition

e80 bell

end of a cycle

e79 road

underneath cars passing, a gentle hum

e78 wind

a sled on spring snow