e25 commemoration

remembrance day 2016

November 11, 2016 in Ottawa, Ontario.

This 25th podcast is the first to not have a recorded narration. I prepared the text below to read but did not deliver it as it did not feel right at the time of recording. I recorded 10 minutes of sound, from 10h55am to 11h05 am.

Unrecorded narration for this episode

The 11th hour. It’s Remembrance Day in Canada and I’m at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. I hesitated before recording this soundscape as I wanted to make sure it was ok to record and publish this kind of public commemoration, including a moment of silence at exactly 11am that can be very emotional.

I came to the conclusion that it is good for a sound artist to record this kind event, like a photographer who captures moments in images, and in so doing honour the sacrifice.

This moment is also an opportunity to listen to what happens when a city, and a nation, slows down to reflect on an issue, in this case the consequences of conflict and hate. I told my son Riel this morning that if I was 18 in 1939 that I would probably have gone over seas – pacifist ideology or not – out of a sense of duty and so it is important to remember and acknowledge those who suffered and die in war.

I also told him that we need to do everything in our power, in particular in this post US election period, to commemorate and reflect.

Author: Claude Schryer

Claude Schryer is a composer and sound artist based in Ottawa, see http://www.electrocd.com/en/bio/schryer_cl/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/claude-schryer-92058911