e154 3m00s

sound seen, sound felt, but not heard

e153 hey

two doors in reverberative staircase ending with a r. murray schaferian ‘hey’

e152 clack

a slamming door caught my attention and the building spoke

e151 quiet

soundwalking in a next-to-nothing soundscape

e150 rundle

a runner and train horn pass in and out of silence in the shadow of mountain

e149 alert

the forest speaks : are we listening?

e148 bucket

d drip, d drip, dd drip, d drip, dd drip, d drip

e147 roof

internal drip ostinato and external shovel scrape

e146 sap

soundwalking to the rhythm of maple sap bucket drips

e145 crépuscule

I know, I know, another train recording… this one leaving Montreal at dusk