I launched simplesoundscapes on December 3 2016 with a 10 minute narrated soundscape recordings.

On September 9, 2017, I relaunched simplesoundscapes with a shorter and more accessible format: 3-minute audio and video recordings. I removed any narration and description beyond a one-word title and a short poem. The still-image video and audio recordings are presented ‘as is’ (creative work takes place during the recording process) and are published, when they are ready, one at a time or in thematic groupings. The role of the still image video is to enhance the listener’s appreciation and understanding of the context of the soundscape recording: an audio recording accompanied by moving images. Audio recordings are kept SoundCloud and the videos are kept in Vimeo, accompanied by a photo. A complete list of social media can be found on the Contact page.

I created this 22 minute video to explain the making of simplesoundscapes in 2017:

On July 7, 2019 I stopped producing simplesoundscapes episode with e175 the final episode of simplesoundscapes. This is a 12-minute monologue explains why this 175th episode is the last episode of simplesoundscapes and what is next: a podcast exploring arts and sustainability.

Here is a link to the video:

I will continue to record mindful listening experiences and will publish them directly on twitter: follow @ssoundscapes.

Thanks for following and listening.

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Claude Schryer