about simplesoundscapes

simplesoundscapes is a podcast exploring mindfulness through listening.

  • By simple, I mean uncomplicated but not necessarily uncomplex
  • By soundscape, I mean electroacoustic soundscape composition in the tradition of the World Soundscape Project
  • By mindfulness, I mean awareness and presence in the tradition of zen buddhism

There are two underlying questions that inform simplesoundscapes. First, what draws a listener into an audio experience and secondly, what kinds of audio experiences nourish the spirit?

I got the idea for simplesoundscapes while listening to the gurgling sound of the fridge at our family cottage. A simple, poetic and evocative sound that draws me in and carries me elsewhere.

In order to produce the simplesoundscapes podcast series I developed the following methodology:

  • My first step is to identify a compelling and engaging soundscape, one that has resonance for me and that I might be interested in listening to again and again
  • Then, not unlike a photographer, I figure out how to capture the event: the recording angle, the time of day, the area of focus
  • I then record exactly 10 minutes of the soundscape with a RODE I XY stereo microphone at 96k 24 bit on a iphone and improvise a narration at the top of the recording in order to provide context for the listener
  • I then take a photograph and sometimes a video of the recording site.
  • The final step is to publish each episode, on a weekly basis, on soundcloud.com with a transcription of the narration in English on www.simplesoundsapes.ca et en francais sur www.paysagesonoresimples.ca.

simplesoundscapes is intended to be an artistic project that strives for excellence in field recording/electroacoustic music production, however it is also meant to be an exercise in mindfulness for those interested in listening in this way (which can be different from listening to music or a story) therefore some recordings might sometimes seem simple or banal. It is useful to remember that my intention is not to entertain, but rather to invite the listener to explore mindfulness through listening and go beyond the sound.

Available on iTunesStitcherTune in and Google Music.

I welcome feedback by email to claude@simplesoundscapes.ca, on twitter, on Facebook or on Instagram.

Claude Schryer